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black powercranks

These videos are videos done by customers and others posted to Youtube or other sites.

Many show the first experience while others show more experienced users doing things that first timers think would be impossible.

While everyoe is different, they are here to help you understand all the "fun" you might be in for when you start training on PowerCranks.


If you know of any other videos that we have not included please let us know so we can add them to the experience.


PowerCranks You tube Videos

PowerCranks, first ride
Successfully riding on rollers
Successfully riding on rollers
Rulli e Powercranks no hands on the rollers.
Cómo funcionan las bielas Powercranks
Power Cranks, my favorite game
Standing climb, after three weeks
PowerCranks on the Kobila
Claudia's first ride
first time and after two weeks (two total hours) (2 videos)
Luis Alvarez on the road with PowerCranks (spanish) (2 part video)
First attempts to ride PC's on rollers.( three videos)

Ricardo Ricco prova la crono

A stylized intro to PC's from WTS coaching

The videos

From xprmntlav8r (back to top)

This is a fun video as these two guys talk about the first ride experience and listening to the frustration of the rider (who had ridden 100 miles the day before) tiring new muscles in seconds instead of hours. Here is what they say about the video: "We've just installed the PC's on the trainer and this is the first experience trying to get used to the different pedaling style required. This is going to be good for us after we develop the musc..." (9'59")

From Newbiker (back to top)

An experienced customer riding on Rollers (2'42")


From Gatdemarmo (back to top)

Another experienced customer riding on rollers (2'55")


From Barliaz (back to top)

This customer is riding on rollers - no hands (0'56")


From aruedapuntocom (back to top)

Mirando este vídeo se entiende perfectamente cómo funcionan las bielas Powercranks y porqué son diferentes a una biela convencional. (0'53")


From myselflesym (back to top)
PowerCranks - My favorite game

Another fun video with some great music. This rider well demonstates the independent nature of the cranks (doing pretty much everything that can be done with them from "the dolphin" to one forward and one backwards )while showing good endurance at high cadences. Here is how the poster describes the video: "Some exercises on stationary trainer using Powercranks. Obviously, you can also do them on the road, and it's even more fun (especially the first time in a group, when your friends are shocked by t..."(4'11")


From joeysing888 (back to top)

"First successful standing climb after almost 3 weeks on PowerCranks." (Note how he is putting a lot of weight on the handlebars to help unweight the pedals to help him accomplish this feat.) (0'34)

From naokkinaonao (back to top)

Doing pretty much everything you can do on PowerCranks (like the PowerCranks - my favorite game video above) but he does it on rollers. He doesn't do out of the saddle very well but everything else shows pretty good skill. (8'41")


From PaulVelo (back to top)

Power cranks on the Kobila (first ride) (3'48")


From PaulVelo (back to top)

Sponsored triathlete Claudia Johnston on Kobila (first ride) (1'01")


From Etjkuo (back to top)

Two videos showing first ride (1'42") and two weeks later after two total hours on PowerCranks (3'36")


From JoseLuisbike (back to top)

Luis Alvarez on road talking and demonstrating PowerCranks. (spanish) (1'00" and 0'38")


From dancobley (back to top)

Adrian trying rollers for the first time with PowerCranks, three videos. (0'38"" 0'31" and 0'51")


From cyclingIT (back to top)

Il modenese in ritiro a Castagneto Carducci si testa a cronometro e lavora "dietro motori". (0'42")


From WTScoaching (back to top)

A stylized video showing "How using powercranks? What are the effects? While the training period, you will win in cycling technic and in power cycling muscles." (1'47")