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"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly



"I have never felt stronger on the bike and my results showed. Overall for the collegiate season I was 6th place with a 1st place finish in the conference championships road race."
Brian Nelson

"...If a rider can manage to stay through the pain, the cranks will give them more speed than they could ask for. Knowing what I know about the cranks, I would pay almost any price to get a pair... Believe me when I tell you, they will make a good cyclist great and the average guy very good. That is, if they put the work in. To get, you have to give and the cranks will make you give..."
Kitchell Snow

"I always thought I was very efficient in my  pedal stroke but I was quickly made aware of my left leg weakness...  To give you some idea of initial power prior to use of PowerCranks as measured by a powertap, 230 to 240 watt range was my threshold.  NOW, after about 60 days of use I am up to 290 to 300 watt range as noted by powertap and similar heart rate.  I find it hard to believe that something as simple as effective pedal cycle and stronger hip flexors and hamstrings can have such a profound effect but now I know.
I am a physical therapist and I was quite skeptical at first but you have made a true believer out of me."
Greg Helms MPT

“I must say that I felt like I rode a bike for the first time again when I tried them. Although I got [the] hang of it after a km or so, I found that I had to keep thinking about what I was doing to be able to ride properly. …My plan is to use them as much as possible, starting from a fairly small dose and work[ing] up to be able to do complete rides on them. Hopefully I will be able to use them for every ride after a little while…
…I am finding the cranks very good. The last 2 days I have done 5 hours in total on them. Very hard work, but I can feel some benefits straight away. Feel so smooth on my normal bike after.”
Magnus Backstedt, Professional Cyclist
Winner, Paris-Roubaix 2004

“I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the benefits gained through the use of PowerCranks”
Dario Cioni, Professional Cyclist


"... an interesting note: I play hockey and I like to cross country ski competitively. Since using the cranks I have felt much more agile on my skates and much more coordinated on my skies. These benefits are so tremendous I really can't describe. These improvements are very noticeable and very significant. Improving my hockey and skiing alone has made the investment worthwhile."
A Canadian triathlete

"It's true, I really improved in Cross Country skiing, It's much easier now to bring the legs forward when climbing."
Martin Soliva, Swiss National Winter triathlon Champion


"I used to be on the Canadian track team as a 110m high hurdler. My impression is that this device would be excellent for sprinters and hurdlers ... Almost all weight training, bounding, etc. is geared for hip extension. The hip flexion is done with no load in the recovery phase leaving those muscles underdeveloped. It is such an awkward group of muscles to train. This changes everything completely. Greater strength and speed in the hip flexor group could make for several tenths of a second difference to a sprinter or hurdler. That's all you need to go from 50th in the world to champion..."
Harold Gretzinger, Former Canadian National Hurdler"

4 months after starting with the PowerCranks I set a new age group record for 38 year olds for the 100m dash, running it in 10.34s. This time was 0.2 seconds faster than the record that had stood for 23 years."
Aaron Thigpen

"I ran a marathon this weekend without training (running). I attribute my success to 1 hard month on the cranks.... I can definitely see the potential in the cranks and can’t wait to spend more time on them.
- P.S. This was my first ever marathon."
Sean, Calgary, Alberta

I went to the track today at U.Va and just ran a little bit to see what kind of progress I have made since starting the PowerCranks training. I wanted to run a 200m, just out of curiousity. Turns out, I set a PR! Granted, [I have] the cranks to work on my marathon, but looking beyond the surface, you can see that this PR is actually HUGE for me.
Jamey, Pittsburgh, PA

Another, a sub 2:30 marathoner and sub 30 minute 10 k runner, reports:

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with my PowerCranks?. I've been using them for twelve days and I'm already riding 20 and 30 mile rides; not bad for a runner. My legs are so fatigued that I almost fell down the stairs at work this week. I'll have to be a little more careful. The only time my legs have ever felt like this was in college when our track coach had us doing plyometrics (bounding drills). While plyometrics did improve my overall strength and speed, the constant beating took it's toll and I injured myself my senior year.

The thing that really has me excited about the PowerCranks? is that I'm getting the same complete leg exhaustion without the beating. I'm having so much fun, I enjoy pain, that I've been neglecting my running and I'm only cycling.

I originally purchased the PowerCranks? to improve my running. Now I'm considering training hard this fall/winter and jumping in some crits and road races in the spring. I want to see where I stack up against the other cat 4/5 riders in Utah.

At the age of 38, I never thought I'd get into competitive cycling. Now I have so much more confidence in my training program that I'm going to take the plunge. I know you must work with a lot of world-class athletes so I want to thank you for making your product available to us Joe-blow average guys too!"

Another 12 year - sub 3 hour marathon veteran, reports:

"I got mine 2 weeks ago today. Since I got my PC's I have preceded every one of my runs with a 30-40 min PC warm up ride. In my timed 90 min aerobic training runs, I am already covering an extra 1.5 K at 150 bpm compared to what I was doing 2 weeks ago. I am totally amazed by how they have forced me to efficiently engaged my hip flexors and hamstrings simultaneously during the recovery phase of my run stride. ...

If you look at what they say in the pose method of running, to make it work properly, you have to fire with your hamstring and lift the heel straight up the inseam. So what this really requires is a simultaneous firing of the hamstring and HF, with the quad going into a total state of relaxation.

As soon as I started using PC's I realized that what I was doing was first firing back with the hamstrings (with a quad that is still a bit tense) and then after a few milliseconds, engaging the HF. Using PC's I was forced to make the two happen at the same time for the first time in my life. I really did not realize that I had this lag. The PC's have helped my technique while at the same time improving the aerobic fitness of the HF muscles."

Allie Lawler, after about 6 months on her PowerCranks?, ran the LA Marathon as a training run (no taper) in preparation for Ironman California. She set a marathon PR by 15 minutes.


"I can just tell that I am getting really strong. I can actually see new muscles in my hips. It is a great feeling! I am going into IM Hawaii with a lot of confidence and strength. Thanks for helping me get where I am!"
Lynne Smith, Austin, Texas

"- Initial response when I got the PowerCranks on my bike: 'These things are insanely crazy!!!'
- Response after my first 15 minutes of riding: 'That was the most humbling 15 minutes in my cyclng career.'
- Response after first week and half: 'Amazing, I can already feel my efficiency improving and the most shocking part is that my running form is already starting to change with an accelerated back stroke and less energy being lost into the ground.'"
Lance Panigutti

"I set the age group course record on the bike at IMCDA on Sunday - the only age grouper to go under 5 hours this year or last. My bike split was 6th overall (5th among the finishers), with only 4 pros finishing ahead of me at 4:58. My IM bike splits have shown steady improvement since using Powercranks. I wasn’t much of a cyclist or athlete before PCs. I love my PCs and credit them with much of my success."
Marc Omar Shokeir

"I do about half of my yearly cycling mileage on Powercranks – including the neverending winter indoor rides on my Computrainer. My spinscan numbers became almost perfect over a few months... It helped me not only to improve my bike splits, but also promoted strong running off the bike."
Petr Vabrousek, professional triathlete,

Tom Evans, professional triathlete, had been using his PowerCranks™ for over two-and-a-half years. When asked about any improvement from PowerCranks, he states plainly, "Just look at my results!" Tom's times have been dropping. "I think you can hold form longer... if you are keeping form, you are still moving well." Two days after our interview with Tom, he won Ironman Canada, setting a new bike Personal Record and a new course Personal Record. Check out his video interview.

“PowerCranks have come to my attention… and I see them … as a very good training aid… talked with Bjarne Riis … and he is very positive about the riders using your powercranks.”
Scott Sunderland, ex pro road cyclist
Sports Director for the CSC Professional Cycling Team

“PowerCranks are a very valuable tool... Something that forces everyone, pro’s and amateurs alike, to be more efficient by forcing you to carry the weight of the up stroke leg and also maintain force through the entire range of motion...It’s something that nothing else forces you to do and it makes you do work that is without a doubt of benefit.”
Dr. Max Testa, doctor for the, 7-Eleven, Motorola, Mapei & MG-Technogym cycling teams.
Co-founder of the UC Davis Sports Performance Lab

"My clients have made great gains in efficiency using PowerCranks.  Their pedal stroke improves by 10% when assessed with the Computrainer.  I recommend them for cyclists and triathletes!"
Curtis Cramblett, PT, CSCS
Revolutions In Fitness
Expert Level USA Cycling Coach

"PowerCranks [are] a great tool to teach ALL athletes of ANY sport the importance of leg independence. It facilitates peddling efficiency of a cyclist as well as overall speed with any running athlete. We use the PowerCranks throughout the rehabilitation and training spectrum."

Mark Verstegen
Founder and President of Performance Sports

“The results have been extremely encouraging and the potential for its inclusion into regular training programs is awesome. These cranks are a great supplement to any running program whether you're sport is on the track, playing field or court.
Sprinter Aaron Thigpen, Coach & American Age Group Champion, 100 meter sprint, member 11 national teams and 2 Olympic teams

“We have mainly used the PowerCranks™ bikes with our female middle / long distance runners who were either injured at the time or are injury prone and looking for a good way to supplement their training with cross training.”
Kevin Jermyn, Duke University Track & Field Coach

"I began using Powercranks in 2001 as a rehab tool and after trying to resolve an Illiacus/Psoas strain that just would not heal and strengthen with regular rehab methods. I noticed significant improvements in pedaling mechanics, strength and power. I am convinced that Powercranks work and am glad I can recommend them to clients."
Coach Rob Swan
Critical Speed - Canada

"From the angle of biomechanical leverage, the pedal stroke can be enhanced by focusing on hip flexion. Power Cranks do this very well. I recommend them to my clients who are interested in maximizing and maintaining efficiency."
John Howard, Coach, US Cycling Hall of Fame member, Ironman Triathlon World Champion

"I started using the PowerCranks last year (2004) after trying them at an expo, my Ironman bike split (112 miles) went from 5:38 to 4:57 in one season as well as over 25 minutes off my marathon time. I recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their bike and run."
Randy Weintraub
Team Total Training

“Power Cranks have been an effective instrument within my training protocol. My clients are seeing vast improvement in endurance and power output using power cranks. I would recommend them to any body who is seeking to improve in any cycling sport."
Dr. Greg Combs - President
Velo Smart Coaching

"At Whole Athlete we have seen significant improvements in our athletes who use Powercranks. We have measured both an increase in mechanical efficiency throughout biomechanical analysis of their pedal stroke and effective rehabilitation from overuse injury in two of our clients as well. Powercranks are an important tool in our "toolbox" of solutions when fixing or improving pedaling inefficiency or imbalance."
Dario Fredrick
Head Coach

“Powercranks has helped myself and athletes that I coach develop a smoother pedal stroke. I have noticed an added improvement in running economy through regular PC training. Athletes who cross train by snowshoeing and Nordic skiing see a dramatic improvement in performance through hip-flexor strength and endurance."
Tim Crowley BS, CSCS, PES
Carmichael Training Systems, Pro-Level Coach
USAT Level II coach
USA Cycling Expert Coach
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

" I think they're great for recruiting hamstrings in my post-op ACL patients, and I like using them during bike fittings to illustrate proper spinning."
Jay Courant, PT, ATC,
Presidio Sports Medicine, San Francisco

"PowerCranks™ have been an invaluable tool not only for my rehab patients but also my clients who are training with Fisher Sports for athletic performance enhancement.

PowerCranks™ provides the quality type of muscle contractions and sequencing to mimic running and walking. From hip flexors to hamstrings to proper ankle dorsiflexors, the PowerCranks™ are an excellent way to train those individuals who do not or cannot fully "weight-load" their bodies. In other words, the PowerCranks™ provide the instructor an excellent options how to train their clients -

From endurance training to speed training. PowerCranks™ are one of the most innovative and effective tools to come into the health field in a long time!"
Brett Fisher, PT, ATC, CSCS,
Fisher Sports, Tempe AZ

"PowerCranks™ is a great tool to teach ALL athletes of ANY sport the importance of leg independence.

It facilitates pedaling efficiency of a cyclist as well as overall speed with any running athlete. We use PowerCranks™ throughout the rehabilitation and training spectrum.

Mark Verstegen, Founder and President,
Athletes' Performance, Tempe AZ