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Whatever your athletic need PowerCranks probably has something to offer to help you become better than you could otherwise achieve.

Most non-cyclists are starting to see improvement in 2-3 weeks of integrating them into their training program.

PowerCranks offer a 90 day moneyback guarantee such that you have plenty of time to check them out for yourself to see if they are worth the investment.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly


PowerCranks as an ACL rehabilitation tool

When it comes to rehabilitation of ACL problems when and how one can use the various lower extremity muscles will depend upon your specific problem or on the type of surgical repair you have had. Rehab of an injured ACL, that does not require surgery is substantially different than the issues involved in rahabilitation following surgery. If you are trying to rehab from a "simple" injury and trying to prevent further damage the PowerCranks can be used without much worry with the goal being to get the muscles around the knee being balanced and strong. The toughest one to train here is, usually, the hamstrings. PowerCranks do a particularly good job at training this muscle.

If you are post-surgical repair, while the general goal is to strengthen and balance all of the muscles around the knee (something the PowerCranks do extremely well) sometimes, depending upon the specifics of the surgical proceedure, exercising the hamstring muscles must be delayed until enough healing has occurred. Since using PowerCranks force the use of the hamstrings be sure to coordinate PowerCranks use with your doctor/therapist. Once it is ok to use the hamstrings, PowerCranks can, again, be particularly effective at helping you to achieve your goal more quickly and more easily.

The nice thing about rehabilitation using PowerCranks is one knows when the legs are again equal and balanced. If an athlete, when the rehab is over usually little has been lost in running ability and many report actually being able to run faster than before their injury.

Check out the video in which many users discuss what using the cranks were able to do for them or their clients following injury.


"PowerCranks [are] a great tool to teach ALL athletes of ANY sport the importance of leg independence. It facilitates pedaling efficiency of a cyclist as well as overall speed with any running athlete. We use the PowerCranks throughout the rehabilitation and training spectrum."
Mark Verstegen
Founder and President of Performance Sports

“We have mainly used the PowerCranks bikes with our female middle / long distance runners who were either injured at the time or are injury prone and looking for a good way to supplement their training with cross training.”
Kevin Jermyn, Duke University Track & Field Coach

" I think they're great for recruiting hamstrings in my post-op ACL patients, and I like using them during bike fittings to illustrate proper spinning."
Jay Courant, PT, ATC,
Presidio Sports Medicine, San Francisco

"I began using Powercranks in 2001 as a rehab tool and after trying to resolve an Illiacus/Psoas strain that just would not heal and strengthen with regular rehab methods. I noticed significant improvements in pedaling mechanics, strength and power. I am convinced that Powercranks work and am glad I can recommend them to clients."
Coach Rob Swan

"PowerCranks™ have been an invaluable tool not only for my rehab patients but also my clients who are training with Fisher Sports for athletic performance enhancement. . . . PowerCranks™ provides the quality type of muscle contractions and sequencing to mimic running and walking. From hip flexors to hamstrings to proper ankle dorsiflexors, the PowerCranks™ are an excellent way to train those individuals who do not or cannot fully "weight-load" their bodies. In other words, the PowerCranks™ provide the instructor an excellent options how to train their clients - From endurance training to speed training. PowerCranks™ are one of the most innovative and effective tools to come into the health field in a long time!"
Brett Fisher, PT, ATC, CSCS,
Fisher Sports, Tempe AZ