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We now have black annodizing available for many models - for those who want or need color coordination to their trusty steed. These will incur a $25 upcharge.

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Whatever your athletic need PowerCranks probably has something to offer to help you become better than you could otherwise achieve.

Most non-cyclists are starting to see improvement in 2-3 weeks of integrating them into their training program.

PowerCranks offer a 90 day moneyback guarantee such that you have plenty of time to check them out for yourself to see if they are worth the investment.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly

Injury risk and prevention in athletes

Studies have shown that most non-contact injuries in a wide variety of sports come from poor muscle balance and mechanics. This has been especially true in the "epidemic" of ACL injuries occuring in female athletes who are now playing many more sports than they used to thanks to Title IX. While men still have more non-contact knee injuries than females the females have a risk of injury for the number playing these sports. This seems to be because they are much weaker in this "balance and coordination" respect than males. Regardless, all athletes who run are susceptible to these serious injuries.

Many coaches now integrate "plyometrics" into the training routine to help prevent these injuries and enhance performance. While it is true that plyometics can enhance performance and reduce injury risk, they carry their own injury risk. PowerCranks are like plyometrics without the injury risk. Many specific PowerCranks drills can be developed to mimick most traditional plyometric drills if one desires.

PowerCranks absolutely ensure that the athlete has good balance in the core, the legs (both right/left and fore/aft) and good coordination. If one still desires to do traditional plyometics, becoming balanced on the PowerCranks first will minimize the risks associated with doing traditional plyometics for performance enhancement.

We believe that 10-30 minutes 3 times a week is enough time with the powerCranks to develop this balance and protection for most sports. After good balance and endurance is achieved 10-30 minutes once a week is probably adequate for "maintenance purposes".