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You are only as strong as your weakest link. PowerCranks can uncover and train your "weakest link" in cycling. When used properly PowerCranks can make you better, a lot better.

Why do we suggest that you train on the PowerCranks nearly 100% of the time? We are trying to change our unconscious ways of doing things. If you were trying to teach your child how to spell would you accept his spelling incorrectly 50% of the time just because that is how he used to spell? So why, if you are trying to learn a new way of pedaling, would you put yourself on regular cranks regularly when they will "work" regardless of how you pedal? Frequent regular crank use is confusing to the body as to what is acceptable technique and what is not?

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"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly





Cycling performance is dependent upon three major variables.

1. Training for power and endurance.
2. Technique.
3. Aerodynamics.

Regardless of how much you train now PowerCranks can help you to get more out of that time spent training by automatically training more muscles while training better technique while you are doing your normal training. And, the ability to easily experiment with crank length that PowerCranks now offers allows one to easily optimize the aerodynamic/power equation.

PowerCranks were originally designed as a tool to help cyclists to better "pedal in circles". (Note: pedaling in circles does not mean putting equal pressure on the pedal around the entire circle - this is impossible because of the effects of gravity- but, rather, it means doing about the same amount of muscle work around the entire circle. Find out more about this here). While PowerCranks do that and do that very well, it seems they do much more because just getting rid of the negatives on the upstroke should only result in a 5-10% power improvement in most riders but our customers frequently report power increases of 20-40% or more. While not every rider sees such improvements, on average most of our new users do in the first season of serious use. The better you are now the smaller the improvement you can expect (of course, even small improvements are hard to come by when you are already really good) whereas the more average or below average you are now, the bigger the improvements you will probably see.

As stated earlier, such large improvements are impossible from simply making the rider unweight on the backstroke. So, how can we account for the large improvements usully seen? They can only be coming from a combination of smaller improvements piled upon one another. These improvements can include:

1. If we use more muscles than we do now (for instance unweighting more on the backstroke) we will increase the muscle mass being used when pedaling and this should result in an overall increase in VO2max. Such a result has been shown from using PowerCranks as quickly as 6 weeks in a University study done by Dixon et. al.pedal force vectors

2. Improving the direction of the forces applied to the pedals to something more tangential to the circle (see actual changes in tangential forces shown to the right), which would substantially increase pedaling efficiency (more power out for the energy put in). (A substantial increase in pedaling efficiency from using PowerCranks has also been shown in an independent University study.)

3. Further improving efficiency by fully unweighting on the backstroke (see actual measurements at the right). This means, for the same power, the "pushing muscles" need to push less hard such that fewer of the less efficient fast twitch fibers need be employed at high power. This keeps all the major pushing muscles further from their lactate threshold.

4. Helping the user find and train more efficient pedaling cadences and cycling positions. These can be facilitate by finding more effective crank lengths, which most PowerCranks models also do.

Most competitive cyclists can benefit from training with PowerCranks. Find out a little more for the type of riding you do by clicking on the appropriate link.

Check out more specfics regarding different cycling disciplines.

Road cycling

Cyclocross cycling

Mountain Bike cycling

Track cycling

BMX cycling

PowerCranks have been used by a large number of Olympic, World and National Champions in several of the above disciplines. Surely they have something to offer you!

Talk to me about something real, speed and times!

The power required to move your bicycle at any particular speed is, generally, proportional to the cube of the speed. So, a 10% increase in power only increases speed about 3%. Or, to see a 10% increase in speed would require about a 30% increase in power. PowerCranks have been demonstrated to increase power to the wheel in a typical user by about 40% in about 6 months, although, of course, already elite users can expect smaller increases as their technique is starting at a higher level. Here are some examples:

  • Phil Holman of Seattle, a 50 year old track rider increased his top speed from 35 to 38 mph and his pursuit speed from 30 to 32 mph in only seven months . These calculate to be a 28% and 21% increase in max and sustainable power. At the end of this period Phil won a bronze medal at the 2000 World Masters Track Championships!
  • Sam Whittingham increased his own HPV World Land Speed record from 72 to over 81 MPH the season after starting on PowerCranks! Assuming no increase in aerodynamics this caluclates to a 41% increase in power. Sam subsequently set the hour record, going over 51 miles in one hour.
  • Ellen Van Vught set the womens HPV World Land Speed record of over 62 mph. This was faster than than men's record just 10 years earlier.
  • Another user, in one year, increased his average speed for a 12 mile time trial he did in training once a month from 20 to 25 mph and, again, to over 27 mph in the second year and to 28 mph the third year. This calculates to a 170% increase in power over 3 years!
  • World and Olympic champions in Track, Road, and Cyclo-cross train on PowerCranks

This all having been said, it is not necessary to take our word on this. Take advantage of our 90 day money-back guarantee and try PowerCranks for yourself to see what they might have to offer to you. We are comfortable you will be impressed.