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Basketball - running and agility

Running is generally thought of as a natural thing with speed being mostly determined by effort but it really requires much more than that. Rbasketball player throwing ball across bodyunning speed requires excellent running technique and optimum training of the muscles necessary to maintain that technique even if tired. Most "naturally fast" people have naturally good form so they don't have to think about it much and most "naturally slow" people seem to just accept they are slow. Most people have never been told that they should work on their running form in order to get faster. Well, we are telling you now.

Yes, some people have natural good running form and they tend to be the fastest people around and they tend big man bad running formto rise to the top in most sporting events. But, in basketball many are chosen not for their running skills but for other reasons, such as size, height, or shooting ability. But, they are still expected to run. Unfortunately, many of these people have really bad technique which slows them down and makes them more prone to injury. Check out the pictures showing one bad technique that really increases the stress on the body, overstriding. The top picture shows the position of the foot right before the landing of a "fast" person and the next picture shows the position of the foot of the big person at about the same point who is trying to run wTim Duncan with poor running formith him. I have included another picture illustrating the same thing in another big person.

Check out our running form video that talks about running form and how PowerCranks can help.

Further, agility requires excellent core mechanics and good independent leg control. PowerCranks can help with this also. PowerCranks can be used to develop your core strength, coordination and running mechanics more efficiently and better than any other training method. 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week (alternating between very high cadence leg speed workouts and high cadence power workouts drills and adding in some one leg forward, one leg backwards drill) is probably all that is necessary for most people for this baseball purpose. If you want to increase your speed and agility in order to make more plays than you do now you should consider adding PowerCranks to your trainng regimen.

PowerCranks can be used to develop you develope better "natural" running coordination, agility, and endurance more efficiently and better than any other training method. 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week (alternating between strength workouts and coordination workouts) is probably all that is necessary for most people for this basketball purpose.