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Basketball - core strengthening

While shooting or throwing basketball player throwing ball across bodya baseketball is usually thought of requiring strong arm strength and good hand-eye coordination, it really requires much more than that. Before you can shoot a ball with good accuracy or throw a ball with good velocity you need to have good core strength and control, otherwise there is little support for the arms and the shot is likely to be not very repeatable. This is especially true when the feet are not well engaged with the ground. Look at the picture and see how the core has to be well engaged to throw that ball across the body with any force or accuracy.

One also needs good core strength to have good strength in the upper body for posting, maintaining position, and strong rebounding/shooting skills.

Another aspect of core strength that is normally "ignored" is core endurance. If one doesn't have good core endurance then one will start to lose what core strength and coordination the body does have as one starts to get tired at the end of the game. If one can better develop good core conditioning then this will deterioration at the end of the game is less likely to occur. Of course, in order to develop any endurance you have to use the muscles frequently and in a manner that develops blood flow (and other changes) in the muscles associated with endurance. When it comes to endurance you are only as good as the "weakest link" in the chain. Make sure all the muscles you need have equal endurance. Training with PowerCranks can do that for you.

PowerCranks can be used to develop your core strength, coordination, and endurance more efficiently and better than any other training method. 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week (alternating between strength workouts and coordination workouts) is probably all that is necessary for most people for this basketball purpose.