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Baseball - Hitting

baseball hitterWhile hitting a baseball requires both good hand-eye coordination and power. In order to get good power into the bat one must transmit the foot plant into a body rotation and support for the shoulders. Before you can have good hand-eye coordination you need to have good core strength and control, otherwise being able to place your hands where they need to be quickly is much more "iffy". The hands only move because the feet are planted on the ground and getting them to where they need to be with speed, power, and control requires a strong base and excellent core strength and a powerful twisting coordination. Look at the picture and see how the core is engaged. PowerCranks can be used to develop your core strength and coordination more efficiently and better than any other training method. 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week (alternating between strength workouts and coordination workouts) is probably all that is necessary for most people for this baseball purpose.