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We now have black annodizing available for many models - for those who want or need color coordination to their trusty steed. These will incur a $25 upcharge.

black powercranks

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly


PowerCranks™ were originally designed as a tool to help cyclists. They were seen as a tool that could help the rider to better "pedal in circles". From that initial concept we had no idea how good a tool they really could be and how useful they could be to other athletes. But, it wasn't long before we started receiving reports that the benefits for athletes extended far and wide. Major benefits include improved running speed, improved agility, improved recovery between efforts, and a reduced risk of non-contact injury.

Soccer is a burst activity sport. That is, the athlete runs very hard for short periods and then has a period of low activity or standing around to be able to recover before the next effort. Further, the person has to be able to change directions quickly and often and have good control of the leg to kick the ball hard and straight, even when tired. Everyone needs good strength, good agility, good speed, a good ability to recover quickly between plays, good endurance, and a good resistance to injury. PowerCranks can help with all of these areas.

In general, PowerCranks:

1. Increase the muscle mass being trained, especially the hip flexor muscle necessary for a strong kick. This both makes one stronger and better balanced, reducing the risk of injury

2. The potential to greatly increase core strength and endurance, allowing one to better maintain speed and agility and better kicking control, even when tired at the end of the game.

3. Improved running speed and agility.

4. Reduced risk of non-contact injury through better coordination and muscle balance.

5. Improved recovery between hard efforts.

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