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We now have black annodizing available for all models - for those who want or need to color coordinate with their trusty steed. Black annodizing will incur a $25 upcharge.

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Find out here the differences between the various PowerCranks models and some of the pros and cons of each choice. Everyone has different needs. More help in making this decison can be found here.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly

NEW, Model 8 PowerCranks are lighter weight, have greater adjustabiity, and include more options than previous models.

All standard PowerCranks include a "one size fits all" chain ring spider that will fit most of the standard road bike 5 bolt pattern chain rings (110, 130, and 135 BCD for the composite spider and 110 and 130 for the aluminum spider) and works on a tapered square bottom bracket axle.

Entry1, Entry5, Basic, XLite, iCranks, PC Racing, lightweight fixed racing

Options, Special orders


Your PowerCranks Choices

Entry1 ($799)

The new Model 8 Entry1 PowerCranks include tapered square spindle adapters and end caps made of a glass composite material with aluminum crankarms with a single 170 mm crank length and strong one-way clutches in each crank arm as standard features. The standard composite chain ring spider is a one size fits all that will accommodate 110, 130, and 135 mm BCD 5 bolt chain rings. These choices were made to keep costs down while still providing almost all the PowerCranks training benefits. This is the best option for the cost conscious or those who do not need to change or experiment with crank length (runners?). Weight 1175 gms. Extra cost options available include: aluminum components (+60 gms) instead of composite components, the dual mode (lock out) (+135 gms), additional spindle adapter choices, triple chain ring spider, and black annodized crank arms.1175

Entry5 ($899)

The Model 8 Entry5 PowerCranks is similar to the Entry1 M8E5compDMPowerCranks but with 4 additional crank lengths. The standard Model 8 Entry5 PowerCranks includes tapered square spindle adapters made of a glass composite material, composite endcaps, and aluminum crankarms drilled at 5 different crank lengths (90, 110, 130, 150, 170 mm). The standard chain ring spider is a one size fits all that will accommodate 110, 130, and 135 mm BCD 5 bolt chain rings. These choices were made to keep costs down while still providing even more PowerCranks training benefits. (1125 gms) Extra cost options available include: aluminum components (+60 gms) instead of composite components, the dual mode (lock out) (+135 gms), additional spindle adapter choices, triple chain ring spider, and black annodized crank arms.

Basic ($1149)

Our most popular crank. The Model 8 Basic PowerCranks choice includes tapered square spindle M8basiccompositeadapters made of a glass composite material, composite endcaps, and aluminum crankarms with an easily adjustable crank length. The standard chain ring spider is a one size fits all that will accommodate 110, 130, and 135 mm BCD 5 bolt chain rings. Our previous basic cranks could adjust in crank length from 182.5 to 145mm. We found that almost no one rode cranks longer than 175 and that 145 was not short enough for many users therefore the model 8 cranks the adjustability range from 90 to 175 mm. This change and a new pedal holder design makes this crankset weigh only 1065 gms, 195 grams lighter than our previous M7 basic crankset, only 15 grams heavier than our previous M7 X-lite cranks. Extra cost options available include: aluminum components (+60 gms) instead of composite components, the dual mode (lock out) (+135 gms), additional spindle adapter choices, triple chain ring spider, and black annodized crank arms.

X-lite ($1249)

The Model 8 X-lite PowerCranks is similar to the Basic PowerCranks except an additional 90 grams M8 Xlite inside viewof material is taken out of the crank arms to minimize weight while maximizing performance. When combined with the composite adapters this is the lightest crankset (other than our racing specific models) we have ever offered. (975 gms) Extra cost options available include: aluminum components instead of composite components, the dual mode (lock out), additional spindle adapter choices, triple chain ring spider, the 110 BCD only spider (for even more weight savings), and black annodized crank arms.

PowerCranks iCranks (about $3,500)

iCranks are are in final development by a group of Australian aerospace engineers licensed to use the PowerCranks concept. They are similar to our basic, dual mode, cranks but modified with strain gauges in each crank arm to give individual power from each crank and individual torque data for the entire circle and adjustable from 130 to 175mm. The iCranks modification is coming out of Australia and is currently awaiting government approval of the radios. Ant+ compatible iCranks will be able to show real left right power data on current ant+ compatible head units like the Garmin Edge 500 or 800 display units. Using different devices, such as smart phones, the user will also be able to get a display similar to that shown to analyze a ride or in real time to analyze pedaling technique. iCranks include the dual mode feature so you will be able to see how well adapted to the PowerCranks way of pedaling by how much your technique reverts to your old style when you go back to regular cranks or you will also be able to test and measure riders not trained on PowerCranks. Because the cranks also are adjustable between 130 and 175 mm you will be able to easily see how different crank lengths affect both power and technique. We expect these to be a must have item for the serious athlete who believes technique matters. You will be able to see subtle issues that need fixing (e.g., notice the substantial delay in starting the push phase of the left crank compared to the right and the fact that neither leg is doing very much over the top especially when compared to what is being done at the bottom). Do not delay getting your PowerCranks to wait for these as we can't guarantee availability. These are going to be a really good deal if you are interested in getting better. For about the cost of a SRM power meter you will get a set of dual mode PowerCranks and a second generation power meter that gives much more useful information to help the athlete improve than the simple power number a 1st generation, like the SRM, give you. Available for pre-order now and save 15% when they ship. Or,, if you order Basic or X-lite PowerCranks after June 2012 you will be eliible for a 15% discount to trade-in for upgrade or purchase as a second set for 60 days after they become available.

Pros: These will be the "must have" crank and power meter for the serious cyclist. Not only do they offer the advantages of training with power they offer the ability to try out different crank lengths, measure pedaling technique, and, of course, the best tool available anywhere to improve technique, all in one product.

Cons: Expensive. Not currently available.

PowerCranks racing cranks ($400, $799)

xlite crank imageWhile most users use PowerCranks as a training system and race on regular cranks. But, some have found that when they return to regular cranks their power tends to drop so they would prefer to race on PowerCranks if only the weight were less. While the X-lite cranks serve this purpose for many these cranks do not work well for those who have experimented with crank length and want to race on shorter cranks. Therefore, we now have PowerCranks made specifically for racing in fixed lengths that also minimize weight as much as possible. The only difference between these cranks and our entry cranks is we have tried to take as much weight as possible out of the crank arm while maintaining optimum stiffness and they are designed for a specific crank length, down to 75mm. These are about as light and as strong as they can get while still having the strength to support the clutch mechanism and to be as stiff as possible. If one already has PowerCranks one can purchase the crank arm only and mount them to your present spindle adapter and save some money.

Pros: For the PowerCranker who wants to race on PowerCranks but also wants to minimize weight.

Cons: Must have done the prior work and experimentation to have determined optimum racing crank length.


PowerCranks lightweight fixed cranks ($499)

xlite crank imageMost PowerCrankers train on PowerCranks but race on regular cranks. While intrigued by our crank length argument they are afraid to try this because of the unavialibity of high quality, lightweight, cranks in shorter lengths. This model is designed to solve that issue. We combine our lightweight composite spider material with an aluminum crank arm to give the lightest, stiffest, crank possible. The lightest cranks listed on the weight weenies web site weigh 420 grams. While the weight of a crank depends upon its length you can see our 155 length crank set weighs 360 grams. This is possible because of our unique design, no need to incorporate our clutch mechanism, and other nuanced changes (we even narrow the Q as shorter cranks can be closer to the midline and still miss the chainstays. This crank is available in every length from 75 mm to 165 mm so we can satisfy almost every need but, because of this flexibility, these are a special order item so shipment may not occur until about 1-2 weeks after ordering.

Pros: The lightest weight cranks available for those wishing to race on regular cranks. The only full assortment of shorter cranks available. Narrower Q factor than most cranks.

Cons: More expensive than other cranks.

Options Discussion

Spindle adapter choices - composite or alumimum ($150)

Our standard spindle adapters are made out of a glass-filled composite material. The advantage of this material is it is both lighter and less expensive for us to make, allowing us to keep prices down. The disadvantage to this material is it is not quite as stiff as metal and it doesn't have a traditional look. Therefore, we are now offering alluminum adapters and end caps as an option. Aluminum spindle adapters will be annodized black, looking more traditional, be stiffer, weigh about 100 grams more, for an upcharge of $150. The composite spindle adapters have served us well since 2012 but many don't like the look so for those who what more traditional materials we will now offer aluminum adapters on all PowerCranks models.

Regular or Dual Mode ($250)

One potential problem with PowerCranks is also their biggest advantage, i.e., they don't work like regular cranks. This can be a problem if one occasionally needs to ride regular cranks but changing back takes time or may not even be possible. The Dual Mode option makes it possible to change your PowerCranks to work like regular cranks (and vice versa) easily and quickly (typically about 30 seconds a side). We try to talk people out of getting this option because one loses the training benefits of the PowerCranks whenever riding with regular cranks. But, there are valid reasons to get these (about half the cranks we sell are ordered with this option).

So, why are we changing our thoughts on the dual mode option that we might recommend them for everyone? Second generation power meters are coming. Second generation power meters will measure pedal forces around the entire pedal circle allowing users to measure technique. While our iCranks will be the first on the market others are coming that should perform this service on any crank as they will be incorporated in the pedal, cleat, or shoe. Putting one of these meters on the PowerCranks with the dual mode option will give similar benefits as our iCranks (assuming the software is similar). This will really let the PowerCranker know how well adapted they really are and how much more work there is to be done. It will be a great fine-tuning device and the dual mode will facilitate its use. Getting the dual mode option now means it will be possible to take full advantage of these new products when they become available.

Pros: The elite cyclist can build up their PC ability slowly while maintaining their training volume. One doesn't need two bikes to be able to easily ride either PowerCranks or regular cranks. Further, it allows one exercise bike to serve two functions with a single footprint. If you are a rehab professional and need a bike that can do passive range of motion, lock the PC's up and now you have an ordinary exercise bike.

Cons: We recommend that it not be used very often in training because it makes it easy for the athlete to be lazy. To much use can slow down and limit their progress.

Gold or Black ($25)

Standard PowerCranks are annodized gold. We chose that as we think of them as the gold standard for training devices plus we think our typical user is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd a bit and to give us some visibility. However, many cyclists are particularly concerned about the look of their bicycle and they think gold clashes with their color scheme. Therefore we now offer a black annodized crank arm for a small upcharge.

Triple chain ring option ($75, $125)

Standard PowerCranks come with a spider to accommodate two chain rings using the 5 bolt pattern with a unique one-size fits all sizing (110, 130, 135 mm BCD composite and 110, 130 mm BCD aluminum). People who do especially steep climbing sometimes need a smaller third chain ring. Therefore, we can modify the spider to add the ability to add a third 74 mm BCD chain ring. Cost is $75 in composite and $125 in aluminum.

Spindle adapter choices (various $)

Standard PowerCranks are made to fit on a traditional tapered square bottom bracket. The problem is that nowadays not all bikes have tapered square bottom brackets. How do you get the PowerCranks on your bike? One option (and the cheapest if you have a 68mm standard BB shell) is to change your insert to a TS bottom bracket. We can sell you one of these for less than $30 or you can get one from your local bike shop. We also make adapters that will fit on the Shimano octalink V1 BB or the ISIS spindle. These involve a $75 upcharge but allow you to use your current BB setup, if that is what you have. But, there is another problem for many of you. There are many other BB options available and these are mostly on high end bicycles, the kind of bicycles many of our customers have. These BB's go by such names as "external bearings", BB30, BB90, BBright. It has taken us awhile but we have conversion kits to adapt the PowerCranks to most of these systems at various upgrade pricing (starting at $125). Contact us if you have any questions regarding the ability to adapt to any of these systems.

Compact only spider (free)

Standard PowerCranks come with a spider to accommodate two chain rings using the 5 bolt pattern with a unique one-size fits all sizing (110, 130, 135 mm BCD composite and 110, 130 mm BCD aluminum). If one is using 110 (compact) chain rings a shim is required to move the small chain ring away from the spider slightly to allow the chain to drop down on the ring. This requires a slightly larger throw to shift. If one knows one is only going to be using 110 BCD chain rings we will cut off the excess spider length to allow a more traditional shifting pattern (and taking off a small amount of weight). We also need to do this if you want to use three chain rings with compact chain rings. We will do this at no charge at the time of order.

Aluminum vs Composite spindle adapters and end caps


Extra long/short attachment ($190, 195, 205)

This attachment, which will work with model 6 or later cranks, simply allows the user to extend the length of the basic PowerCranks 30 or 50 mm to allow the experimenting with crank length to more extreme distances or for the rehab facility that deals with people with restricted range of motion. We offer three options here, a 30 mm extension ($190), a 50 mm extension ($195) , or a combination 30/50mm extension that gives the rider both of the above options. The combination extension should only be used indoors as it decreases ground clearance even when going shorter. .

Bottom Bracket Choices

PowerCranks must be mounted to a standard bottom bracket we make five types for the three most ISIS exampleShimano exampletapered square examplecommon standard bicycle bottom brackets and for two different ones frequently seen on high end exercise bikes. These choices are:

•tapered square - this has been around "forever". This is our basic BB type.
•Shimano V1 octalink - Shimano has made two different versions of the octalink system. We work with the road/track model. ($75 upgrade).
•ISIS - a new "standard ($75 upgrade).
• a heavy duty hexagon used on the Lemond Revmaster classic. ($100 upcharge - includes special spider for Lemond classic Revmaster.)

Special Orders

Yes, we have and can do special orders. We have made both basic, Xlite, and our long adjustable cranks to go as long as 250 mm. We have made basic cranks to go as short as 85 mm for those concerned about the wider 'Q' of our long-adjustable crank. And we have made special spiders to accomodate track chain rings (144 BCD) and very small chain rings. Call if you have a special need for a price quote.

We offer a 90-day money-back return policy. You will have plenty of time to see if PowerCranks are as good as we claim. Most people "know" within 2 weeks.