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We now have black annodizing available for many models - for those who want or need color coordination to their trusty steed. These will incur a $25 upcharge.

black powercranks

Whatever your athletic need PowerCranks probably has something to offer to help you become better than you could otherwise achieve.

Most non-cyclists are starting to see improvement in 2-3 weeks of integrating them into their training program.

PowerCranks offer a 90 day moneyback guarantee such that you have plenty of time to check them out for yourself to see if they are worth the investment.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly



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How do I install PowerCranks?

PowerCranks™ are readily installed by removing the original crankset and by replacing them with PowerCranks™. Installation takes about 30 minutes. Most of installation time is spent switching the chainrings from your existing crankset to your new PowerCranks™. Detailed instructions can be found in the instruction manual available for download. And, there is a video showing how to install them on a revmaster. The concept is similar for a regular bicycle.

How do I remove my PowerCranks?

PowerCranks™ are easily removed with a standard crank removal tool and an 8 mm Allen wrench. Removal takes just a few minutes. Detailed instructions can be found in the instruction manual available for download.

Will PowerCranks fit my bicycle?

PowerCranks™ will fit most bicycles as long they are equipped with a standard bottom bracket, whether it is square taper, octalink or ISIS. The tapered square needs a spindle length of about 110 mm but this varies some with brand.

For which sports can I cross-train with PowerCranks?

PowerCranks™ have been used to cross train for a variety of sports, including but not limited to snow-shoeing baseball, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, rubgy, soccer, football, weightlifting, and speedskating.

How do I get started on PowerCranks?

Read the instruction manual and We suggest that you use a stationary trainer for the first few sessions on PowerCranks. This allows you to get accustomed to the different neuro-muscular sensations. Furthermore, we suggest that you not attempt high cadence in the beginning - work on basic coordination first. Once you can comfortably ride PowerCranks™ for 5 minutes non-stop on a trainer, and once the strange feeling has faded away, you are ready to take them out on the road. Please be careful clipping in and unclipping out of your pedals in traffic.

With what other products will PowerCranks work?

PowerCranks™ work with PowerTap, Polar, Ergomo, Computrainer, Velotron and LeMond RevMaster. Most high-end stationary bikes are modifiable. Check with us and we may be able to tell you.

How soon will improvements become noticeable?

In most sports most users have reported seeing running and balance improvements starting within 2 weeks. For cyclists measurable improvements will take approximately 4-10 weeks.

What is the best time to start training on PowerCranks?

Today. Whether you are in between races or ending your season, PowerCranks have a place in your training program. We suggest that you warm-up and cool down with PowerCranks™ for your cycling and running during the race season. You can slowly build up your warm-up and cool-down sessions to 15 to 20 minutes. These precious minutes on PowerCranks before and after your riding / running will greatly accelerate your neuromuscular adaptation. This will, in turn, allow you to have a solid base at the end of the race season.

How long will my improvements continue with PowerCranks?

Anecdotal reports suggest that the improvements will continue beyond 24 months before reaching a training plateau. One experienced triathlete user saw additional improvement after he started actually racing on the cranks over 7 years after starting training on them.

What should I avoid doing on PowerCranks?

When using PowerCranks on the road, please avoid placing your full body weight on the cranks to launch your start from a complete stop. Since the cranks use a clutch, this type of torque can be excessive and limit the product's life. Do not use them in traffic or around other people unless you are fully familiar with them and can ride them safely.

How do PowerCranks work?

PowerCranks are a patented training device that integrates a one-way clutch in each crank-arm. Each crank-arm will drive the chain but not each other. Imagine doing one-legged drills all the time, with each leg working independently from the other.

Will the additional weight slow me down?

While PowerCranks are heavier than regular cranks, weight is not typically an issue since they are primarily used for training purposes and weight has almost no effect on speed unless one is climbing (the extra weight will help you to go faster going down). Our athletes have reported that, once they have adapted to PowerCranks, the additional weight is not noticeable. If you plan to race on PowerCranks, we have developed our XLite models to help you save those precious grams.

You say PowerCranks improve the hip flexors. Why can't I get the same benefit on a stepping machine.

Have you ever seen a stepping machine that required you to attach yourself to the steps. No! This is because these machines all have a spring return (or some other form of powered return) to return each "stair" to the raised position. It is not possible and/or practical to completely unweight your leg from these machines so the machine helps push the foot up. This reduces the amount of work required to lift your foot. therefore, while it looks the same it is not the same as climbing stairs. Even the "reverse elevator" type only requires you to lift your foot about 6 inches and it cannot go fast. Therefore, under these circumstances, the hip flexor muscles get less of a workout than if you would just climb stairs. But even climbing stairs in not an equivalent workout because stairs are rarely more than a foot tall, the diameter of a bicycle crank circle and it is hard to find stairs that go on forever.

I have a big race coming up in less than 6 weeks, can I start using them now and get immediate benefit?

Yes, but only if it is a short race. You will immediately start learning how to pedal more efficiently but it takes a long time to develop any significant endurance. Remember, you are training new muscles that haven't ever been used to any significant degree. Remember how wiped you would get when you were first starting out and you did too much (some of you may have trouble remembering when you were not in very good shape). Anyhow, if you try to do too much too fast your body will rebel and demand time to recover. Therefore, you must be very judicious when you start training with PowerCranks or your performance could be hurt (as if you are injured) come race time.

I have no big races any closer than 3-4 months, how can I progress as fast as possible?

Take your regular cranks off all of your bicycles. Put them in the custody of your coach or significant other and have them hide them from you until you can ride your normal training ride distances with PowerCranks without difficulty. This would include riding them in any races that occur during this time (unless you are a track rider where they are illegal). At this point you can get your regular cranks back but you won't really need them for anything but races and special training. From now on over  90% of your time on the bike should be with your PowerCranks.

When starting out your training start with 2 - 3 per day workouts lasting about 30 minutes. Except when climbing hills or starting from a stop ride in the highest gear available (53/12 for instance). You can afford to get very tired and push the envelope. If your time is limited ride in very low gears at very high cadence. High cadence riding is really, really hard at first but will get you the maximum amount of reps in the shortest period of time. Be sure to allow an occasional very light day or off day in your training to allow recovery and rejuvenation of your muscles in training. Once you can ride this time and distance relatively easily start increasing your time and distance while reducing the frequency of workouts to 1 -2 per day. When you are able to ride easily for 60-90 minutes (6-8 weeks) you should be noticing you will be riding 1-2 miles per hour faster than you used to be able to do. At this point you should purchase and install a 60 tooth chainring and start working on riding out of the saddle. The more time on the cranks the faster you will progress.

Do you make a model that can be applied to Campy or DuraAce bottom bracket assemblies?

PowerCranks fit Shimano V1 splined bottom brackets. As well as ISIS drive & Campagnolo Square.

Are they legal in races?

Yes, except for track races. Even if they were declared illegal (as for track cyclists) nothing prevents you from training with them as they won't cause you to test positive on drug tests. Despite being legal, we do not recommend them for races except as a training and self-evaluation tool.

How long does it take to learn to ride on them?

Most people are riding reasonably well on them in less than 5 minutes, they just can't keep it up. It takes about 2-4 weeks of regular use before people can start to forget they are riding on something really different. Feedback from users indicate it takes 30-40 hours of exclusive use before you really forget you are on a different type of crank.

If they are so easy to learn to ride, why does it take so long to gain the benefit?

Permanent changes don't occur until you have enough repetitions causing the brain to learn a new normal pedaling dynamic AND you have developed the aerobic capacity in the hip flexor muscles (muscles you don't use now). Until this occurs (i.e., being able to sustain this new motion steadily for the hours you normally ride), when you get tired you will want to fall back to your old, lazy, pedaling dynamic and your brain will lose the reinforcement of the proper pedaling coordination it desperately needs to make the change permanent. This takes time, a lot of time, and, of course, effort, a lot of effort (getting faster never comes easy), especially for the longer distances. It will take years of effort to see the full benefit of the cranks.

I am a runner, how should they be used to help me.

PowerCranks™ strengthen and give increased aerobic endurance to your hip flexors and hamstrings. Depending on the kind of running you do this will be of varying importance. If you are a sprinter (100 meters or less) they will probably have little benefit for you since you hip flexors are probably used significantly now and your entire run is anaerobic (). Anything longer, you need to train with them just like a bike rider, ride with your PowerCranks™® for 30 minute three days a week, gradually increasing in duration and intensity as tolerated. You do not need the number of repetitions the cyclists do because you are not trying to change the cycling coordination.

The inventor, is a previous ironman top 10 finisher (in the OLD days) and an experienced ultra athlete. He believes these cranks will eventually change, dramatically, the mix of training for the serious triathlete. Since riding on PowerCranks™ helps your running, it is anticipated that you should increase your time training on the bike (using PowerCranks™ of course) and the swim, and less time running than you do now.

Why are they so expensive?

I guess expensive is relative. Compare them to anything else you can buy that is designed to increase your speed, such as aero wheels, DuraAce components, titanium anything, etc. since we chose to make them a gold color you might think they are made of gold but they are not. Then, why are they more than you thought a pair of cranks should be? Because, they are not regular cranks stamped out en masse. PowerCranks™ are precision pieces of machinery that must work in dirty environments. Each crank requires CNC machining to achieve the tight tolerances necessary. Each crank contains 5 elements manufactured to very tight tolerances. (they are only a gold color, they are not made of gold) see below. For the benefits they give you they are inexpensive compared to wheels, frames, and other racing paraphenalia available to the athlete.

How much do they weigh?

Heavy? Darn right, about three pounds. Who cares, they are meant for training and you can use your regular cranks during races. While training, hefty is durable, hefty is good.